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Apr. 13th, 2010


Apr. 13th, 2010 09:31 am
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I've never been the greatest fan of Mondays. They have this weird disjointed feel to them that has always been uncomfortable to me. I never liked them when I was in school and now that I am stuck in the great big world of the "work force", I still don't like Mondays. I went to my theology class last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually enjoy all of them but last night was somewhat more enjoyable than classes have been in the past. I rented more "Deep Space 9" last night on my way home. Some how, on this second look at the series, DS9 has become my favorite of the Star Trek canon. I spent the rest of the night drawing, reading a bit, arguing/giggling with my girlfriend and thinking of people who are long gone from me. I feel like I've hit this weird crossroads. This is going to be a weird year. I ordered the Coheed vinyl so my copy will be coming in 6 weeks from now. I did get a chance to stream the album and the song that I really liked was "Far". It's weird because I haven't been in the mood for this style of music for a long time. I think Izzie's enthusiasm has rubbed off and I always like to check out what my close friends are into. I listened to it, really enjoyed it, and then listened to the rest of my Gwar records.

4/13/10 #2

Apr. 13th, 2010 09:34 am
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Who I Am: My name is Gustin Sweatt and I am 32.  I was born in West Texas and lived there for almost two decades.  I currently live in the midst of the bloated self-important dystopia that is known as Austin, TX.  My day job is working in the IT field at the University of Texas but I have grown to find all-things-technology the root of all worldly evils.   I am a Catholic but that doesn't mean that I am some weird judgmental prick so do not make assumptions.  I will not engage in homophobia and I will not engage in ridiculous arguments that are based on uninformed generalizations.  If you want to discuss those things there are forums and places out there for that.  If you want to get off on anger, read a Richard Dawkins book (who I actually like a lot) and go egg a church. I love the sciences and I always have.  I love pondering all things physics, astronomy, nature, and geology.   I like to walk around my neighborhood and look at all of the gardens the old ladies have gently loved.  I love old books, old records, and I love things that were crafted by hand decades ago.  

Passions: Creating music.  I started a net label and I thoroughly enjoy working with my friends to produce the work we've done there.  I draw.  I read a lot of Conspiracy theories.  I'm working on several short stories and novels so I like to write.  My drums.  My dog.  My girlfriend.  Disliking conservatives AND liberals.  Star Trek.  Ballantine Fantasy Novels.  Beat writers.  Poetry.  Weirdness.  

How you use Dreamwidth: As a new beginning for my online journal writing. 

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