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Apr. 13th, 2010 09:31 am
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I've never been the greatest fan of Mondays. They have this weird disjointed feel to them that has always been uncomfortable to me. I never liked them when I was in school and now that I am stuck in the great big world of the "work force", I still don't like Mondays. I went to my theology class last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually enjoy all of them but last night was somewhat more enjoyable than classes have been in the past. I rented more "Deep Space 9" last night on my way home. Some how, on this second look at the series, DS9 has become my favorite of the Star Trek canon. I spent the rest of the night drawing, reading a bit, arguing/giggling with my girlfriend and thinking of people who are long gone from me. I feel like I've hit this weird crossroads. This is going to be a weird year. I ordered the Coheed vinyl so my copy will be coming in 6 weeks from now. I did get a chance to stream the album and the song that I really liked was "Far". It's weird because I haven't been in the mood for this style of music for a long time. I think Izzie's enthusiasm has rubbed off and I always like to check out what my close friends are into. I listened to it, really enjoyed it, and then listened to the rest of my Gwar records.

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