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Apr. 14th, 2010 03:54 pm
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Looked at some of my health problems these days and I think it has to do with a deficiency of proper Kidney Qi.  I went and had a very wonderful, long informative/healing session with my acupuncturist last night and we meditated on my thoughts about my Qi deficiency.  I've had a spleen deficiency that I think is finally getting worked out.  Every two weeks I go to visit with her for an hour and a half and endure what are some of the most peaceful moments I have these days.  I wish I had the money to go once a week. 

Work was interesting as it was the first day in a long time where I wasn't so mind numbingly busy.  For once, it was a very relaxed work day and since it doesn't happen often, I cherished it.  After acupuncture I went to Whole Foods and bought lots of produce to ingest over the next few days.  I bought a small Japanese tea set so I may drink all of my various styles of green tea I bought late at night.  I am on a green tea/Star Trek trip right now and I have been avoiding the computer and recording.  I also started buying this weird little crunchy sea weed crisps so that I don't hit the potato chips so hard.  I don't want to be the typical fat nerd any more, gobbling up lays and Mountain Dew in my pac-man mind.  

I've been reading a great Biography on Allen Ginsberg, one of my favorite poets.   I find his life to be so extraordinary and interesting.  I find parallels in his life to many people that I know or read about.  It is a very interesting read and I'm very much enjoying reading about his life.  

I should work on music tonight but I bet I wind up ignoring it again and watching Star Trek "DS9".  I'm just not feeling the music bug right now.  
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