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Apr. 18th, 2010 09:50 pm
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What a fucking drag today has been.  Seriously.  The weekend started off well but then it just sort of took a nose dive.  Friday I came home from a very long day from work and proceeded to "space" out.  I worked on a couple of little projects and then sort of fell asleep.Friday I  got up early and hit the music store for some drum heads.  I had band practice at 1 and I barely made it.  Then Tamara and I went out for Sushi for our 6 year Anniversary.  It was a very sweet dinner and we should definitely get out of the house together more.  The night was topped off with some awesome The Who documentaries and a foray into green tea ice cream land.  I then proceeded to stay up late watching R Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet".  That is some genuinely funny and ridiculous stuff right there.  Today I got up early and hit up Mass.  Then I ran a couple of errands.   I started song #1 of my secret project.  I had a show that I got ready for.  We got all of our gear down to the venue and the show got canceled for reasons that are unknown to anyone.  I applaud the tenacity of this one dude who just set up right there on the street and just started playing for people.  The rest of just took off in disgust because we're just sick of Austin music venue bullshit.  That is the nose dive.  The ironic thing is that we sounded so good in practice that it was just a fucking shame that we couldn't let loose our vision on the world.  We would have been the heroes of the night.  Instead, we just felt dejected and now we are all sitting around listening to records wondering what the fuck just happened.  It's like getting spiritually mugged.  Fuckers.  

I watched the "Ninth Gate" and really enjoyed.  It was 5 bucks at Target.  Polanski should just direct horror movies.


Apr. 16th, 2010 11:16 am
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 I'm loving the overcast skies and rain we've been getting as of late.  I love Austin when the weather is like this.  It actually makes me want to take my nerd pod body out of the house.  It makes the colors of nature brighter against the urban intrusion when walking in my neighborhood.  I hung out last night and caught up on the "Ghost Hunters" and "Destination Truth" episodes that I had missed.  I especially loved the last couple of GH episodes.  That show keeps getting better and better for me.  This past Wednesday's episode was extra special for me.  They went with the old school let's-investigate-a-house-terrorizing-people case that I loved about the early seasons of the show.  They were able to capture some very interesting EVPs as well.  They had some activity that made pine for a full spectrum camera or something that wasn't IR so I could see the bursts of light that they are talking about.  "Destination Truth" is actually growing on me despite the jackass that hosts that show.  I think he does a huge diservice to the field of cryptozoology but I'll take what I can get.  I like the team that he has and they seem much more even minded than him.  I'm trying not to be harsh on him though because I think he comes from a good place.  Deep down, he's just a big geek trying to have a show that will make people excited about Yetis and I can't knock that shit.  Yetis are cool.  

I listened to some Coast to Coast last night and read more on my Ginsberg biography.  I need another vacation.  


Apr. 14th, 2010 03:54 pm
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Looked at some of my health problems these days and I think it has to do with a deficiency of proper Kidney Qi.  I went and had a very wonderful, long informative/healing session with my acupuncturist last night and we meditated on my thoughts about my Qi deficiency.  I've had a spleen deficiency that I think is finally getting worked out.  Every two weeks I go to visit with her for an hour and a half and endure what are some of the most peaceful moments I have these days.  I wish I had the money to go once a week. 

Work was interesting as it was the first day in a long time where I wasn't so mind numbingly busy.  For once, it was a very relaxed work day and since it doesn't happen often, I cherished it.  After acupuncture I went to Whole Foods and bought lots of produce to ingest over the next few days.  I bought a small Japanese tea set so I may drink all of my various styles of green tea I bought late at night.  I am on a green tea/Star Trek trip right now and I have been avoiding the computer and recording.  I also started buying this weird little crunchy sea weed crisps so that I don't hit the potato chips so hard.  I don't want to be the typical fat nerd any more, gobbling up lays and Mountain Dew in my pac-man mind.  

I've been reading a great Biography on Allen Ginsberg, one of my favorite poets.   I find his life to be so extraordinary and interesting.  I find parallels in his life to many people that I know or read about.  It is a very interesting read and I'm very much enjoying reading about his life.  

I should work on music tonight but I bet I wind up ignoring it again and watching Star Trek "DS9".  I'm just not feeling the music bug right now.  

4/13/10 #2

Apr. 13th, 2010 09:34 am
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Who I Am: My name is Gustin Sweatt and I am 32.  I was born in West Texas and lived there for almost two decades.  I currently live in the midst of the bloated self-important dystopia that is known as Austin, TX.  My day job is working in the IT field at the University of Texas but I have grown to find all-things-technology the root of all worldly evils.   I am a Catholic but that doesn't mean that I am some weird judgmental prick so do not make assumptions.  I will not engage in homophobia and I will not engage in ridiculous arguments that are based on uninformed generalizations.  If you want to discuss those things there are forums and places out there for that.  If you want to get off on anger, read a Richard Dawkins book (who I actually like a lot) and go egg a church. I love the sciences and I always have.  I love pondering all things physics, astronomy, nature, and geology.   I like to walk around my neighborhood and look at all of the gardens the old ladies have gently loved.  I love old books, old records, and I love things that were crafted by hand decades ago.  

Passions: Creating music.  I started a net label and I thoroughly enjoy working with my friends to produce the work we've done there.  I draw.  I read a lot of Conspiracy theories.  I'm working on several short stories and novels so I like to write.  My drums.  My dog.  My girlfriend.  Disliking conservatives AND liberals.  Star Trek.  Ballantine Fantasy Novels.  Beat writers.  Poetry.  Weirdness.  

How you use Dreamwidth: As a new beginning for my online journal writing. 


Apr. 13th, 2010 09:31 am
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I've never been the greatest fan of Mondays. They have this weird disjointed feel to them that has always been uncomfortable to me. I never liked them when I was in school and now that I am stuck in the great big world of the "work force", I still don't like Mondays. I went to my theology class last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I usually enjoy all of them but last night was somewhat more enjoyable than classes have been in the past. I rented more "Deep Space 9" last night on my way home. Some how, on this second look at the series, DS9 has become my favorite of the Star Trek canon. I spent the rest of the night drawing, reading a bit, arguing/giggling with my girlfriend and thinking of people who are long gone from me. I feel like I've hit this weird crossroads. This is going to be a weird year. I ordered the Coheed vinyl so my copy will be coming in 6 weeks from now. I did get a chance to stream the album and the song that I really liked was "Far". It's weird because I haven't been in the mood for this style of music for a long time. I think Izzie's enthusiasm has rubbed off and I always like to check out what my close friends are into. I listened to it, really enjoyed it, and then listened to the rest of my Gwar records.


Apr. 12th, 2010 11:03 am
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I left town to visit with Izzie on Thursday. I arrived at around 2 p.m. and just bummed around until she got off work. We then hung out, met up with a friend of hers, talked, ate and then sleep.

Friday, I spent the day looking at through various store fronts in the city and then met her after work. We hooked up with another friend of hers and talked. We then went and got some food and the "Time Bandits" DVD. That movie is excellent and amazing. I am always in wonderment with the style of Terry Gilliam. I am almost certain that his brain/style/heart would not be cherished or made today if it was in the possession of a much younger person. We watched the sunset by the lake and it was very pastel in it's beauty.

Saturday we went to a few thrift stores and the mall. We then went on a nature trail by the lake and got out to walk around the earth. We discussed life issues and our differing views on colors. I am primary, Izzie is almost all earth tones and bright colors these days. We watched "House of the Devil", giggled at various Lonely Island videos, watched the amazing Mike Patton on youtube, then went to sleep. I enjoyed lunch with Bill and Frances as always.

The drive home yesterday was through the misty hill tops. I listened to my conspiracies on the drive home making the time pass quite quickly. Had band practice and mass right after the early morning drive. I fell asleep at 11 totally spent.


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