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Apr. 18th, 2010 09:50 pm
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What a fucking drag today has been.  Seriously.  The weekend started off well but then it just sort of took a nose dive.  Friday I came home from a very long day from work and proceeded to "space" out.  I worked on a couple of little projects and then sort of fell asleep.Friday I  got up early and hit the music store for some drum heads.  I had band practice at 1 and I barely made it.  Then Tamara and I went out for Sushi for our 6 year Anniversary.  It was a very sweet dinner and we should definitely get out of the house together more.  The night was topped off with some awesome The Who documentaries and a foray into green tea ice cream land.  I then proceeded to stay up late watching R Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet".  That is some genuinely funny and ridiculous stuff right there.  Today I got up early and hit up Mass.  Then I ran a couple of errands.   I started song #1 of my secret project.  I had a show that I got ready for.  We got all of our gear down to the venue and the show got canceled for reasons that are unknown to anyone.  I applaud the tenacity of this one dude who just set up right there on the street and just started playing for people.  The rest of just took off in disgust because we're just sick of Austin music venue bullshit.  That is the nose dive.  The ironic thing is that we sounded so good in practice that it was just a fucking shame that we couldn't let loose our vision on the world.  We would have been the heroes of the night.  Instead, we just felt dejected and now we are all sitting around listening to records wondering what the fuck just happened.  It's like getting spiritually mugged.  Fuckers.  

I watched the "Ninth Gate" and really enjoyed.  It was 5 bucks at Target.  Polanski should just direct horror movies.

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